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Allied Health Services

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Allied Health Professionals

Akriti (Aki) Shrestha (Psychologist) https://valewoodclinic.com.au/akriti-shrestha/

Albert Yeap (Diabetes Educator) – https://valewoodclinic.com.au/mr-albert-yeap/

Bianca (Ka Pui) Chan (Dietitian) – https://valewoodclinic.com.au/bianca-chan/

James Ryan (Physiotherapist) – https://valewoodclinic.com.au/james-ryan/

Jenny Grinstead (Psychologist) https://valewoodclinic.com.au/jenny-grinstead/

Maria Edwin (Podiatrist)https://valewoodclinic.com.au/dr-maria-edwin/

Prabha Mishra (Psychologist) https://valewoodclinic.com.au/prabha-mishra/ 

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