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Valewood Clinic Breast Cancer Awareness

Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer in Australia. Women of all ages should know the steps to detect breast cancer. Early diagnosis means more treatment options and better chances of survival. What is breast cancer? Breasts are made up of ducts and lobules that are surrounded by connective

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junk veggie food Valewood Gp

What is Junk-Veggie Food?

Plant-based diets have become a phenomenon around the world for their increasing health benefits. However, not all plant-based diets are ‘healthy’, and some of these veggie-based foods might be doing you more harm than good. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about eating healthy and

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Monkeypox information, valwood clinic, gp

Information on MonkeyPox

The Department of Health, as well as Local Public Health Units, are currently working to monitor cases and their contacts to stop the further spread of MonkeyPox within the community. What is Monkeypox? Monkeypox (MPX) belongs to a group of viruses known as orthopoxviruses. It is the same group that

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Diabetes, Valewood GP

The Warning Signs Of Diabetes

It is estimated that around more than 1.8 million Australians have diabetes and more than 120,000 have developed this disease over the past year. Read more about the signs, symptoms and risk factors. Diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a disease that affects the way your body processes sugar (glucose). Glucose

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‘Tis the Season for a Skin Check

It seems counterintuitive but Autumn and Winter are the best times of the year to do skin health checks. We’ve compiled a few reasons why you should book your appointment now. Why do I need a skin check? In summer the sun damages your skin. This damage can make it

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