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Iron Infusions

Valewood Clinic is pleased to offer intravenous iron infusions for those who are iron-deficient and are unable to tolerate or have not responded well to oral iron replacement.

The body requires iron to make healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen and maintain all bodily functions. Low iron can result in symptoms of fatigue, weakness, brittle nails, pallor, and dizziness.

Iron deficiency is commonly associated with a vegetarian diet, heavy periods, intestinal blood loss, pregnancy, and certain chronic diseases.

An iron infusion delivers iron to your bloodstream via a needle placed in your arm or the back of your hand.

An initial consultation is required to determine your suitability for an iron infusion. Please make an appointment with Dr Sangeeta Bansal or Dr Peter Lackner for an initial consultation and discussion regarding your suitability for this treatment. If you are suitable to receive an iron-infusion, an appointment will then be made in our Treatment Room for the procedure.

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